Stack Frame Layout in English

For the last couple of months it was again very quiet at my blog. It was because big changes in my life. I’ve started to work in ThoughtWorks – company that I’ve always wanted to work. And also I moved to Barcelona. Now finally I feel that everything started to be more or less stable, so I hope to have more time for blogging.

The idea of switching to English language came up to me long time ago. I must to admin that it was a little bit scary for me because I don’t feel especially firm about my English language skills. But in fact – the best you can do to practice and improve your language skills is just to use them and don’t be afraid of mistakes. On the other hand what moment might be better to switch to English than moment when you moved to other country?

So let it be – from this moment I’m starting to running my blog in English. All new articles will be written in English. Some part of the page I will translate in some close (I hope…) future. I will not translate all of the old articles to English for sure, but there are some of them that I would like to have translated (like 70-483 exam learning articles).